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The Autumn Sequatchie Valley - Tennessee Photo By Carson Camp

Sequatchie County would like to introduce you to the people in charge of keeping the county on track. We take great pride in our officials and the work they do for the citizens of Sequatchie County. You will find a listing of our officials and how to contact them.

Sequatchie County Departments keep the county running smooth and generally enhance daily life for our citizens. Here you will find links to our major departments and organizational websites.

Stay up to date with our events and agendas. Sequatchie county offers several community events throughout the year. We will be posting information, fun county events, county agendas, and other information to keep you informed on everything offered throughout Sequatchie County.

Enjoy the county's rich and unique history filled with interesting events and characters that helped to shape the present culture of   Sequatchie County. Several places of interest are available to you, and each has been listed for your enjoyment and research prior to your visit.

Year-round the valley displays life and natural beauty unlike anywhere in the world. You will enjoy Sequatchie County's rich forests and popular tourist sites. There's no best time to visit.  Whenever you arrive, you will be greeted with warm hospitality.

We have collected several iconic photographs of the county and its surroundings. Our favorite photographer Carson Camp was kind enough to provide the images you will see on these pages. Have a look and see for yourself why Sequatchie County is a great place to visit.

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